4×4 Ambulances

4×4 Ambulances are very rare units. Pacific EMS specializes in offering these unique units to our clients under rental, purchase or lease agreement.

4×4 Ambulance Canada Rental, Sale, and Lease

4 Wheel Drive Ambulances are often used to support remote industrial operations, in particular for mining, as well as oil and gas and resource exploration. WCB or client requirements often require an Industrial Ambulance to be available at the worksite based on the risk profile and number of workers present. Given the remote and rugged nature of this type of work, our clients often seek out Pacific EMS to help them supply 4 wheel drive Emergency Transport Vehicles and Industrial Ambulances for their projects.

Our services include:

  • 4×4 Ambulance Rental, Sale and Leasing
  • Sourcing, refurbishing and mobilizing 4 wheel drive ambulances to our clients site
  • Emergency Transport Vehicle sales and rentals
  • Ambulance conversions from two wheel drive to four wheel drive

Finding a 4 wheel drive ambulance for sale in Canada can be a very difficult case. These units are extremely rare, and import options from the United States are becoming increasingly complex and burdened by ever changing, complex rules and regulations.

Contact Pacific EMS today at info@nullpacific-ems.com to discuss your remote ambulance support needs.

cific EMS Fleet 4x4 Ambulances Canada Ready for Rent Sale Lease
Pacific EMS's 4x4 Ambulance Canada Built for the Wilderness
Industrial 4x4 Ambulance Canada on Standby at Remote Worksite
4x4 Industrial Ambulance Canada Supporting Mining Operations
4x4 Ambulance Canada
4x4 Ambulance Canada Prepared for Client Site Deployment

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