Alberta Patient Transfers

Our private ground ambulance and Alberta patient transfer service is ready to help you transport a loved one. Alberta Patient Transfers provides top quality patient care with Alberta College of Paramedics licensed healthcare professionals in our fully equipped patient transfer ambulances.

Our ambulance transportation service moves patients within Alberta or between provinces, including local patient and hospital transfers within Calgary, Edmonton ambulance services, and beyond to provinces such as British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

Reliable Ground Ambulance and Patient Transfer in Alberta

Our team of qualified medical professionals include Paramedics, Registered Nurses and Emergency Medical Responders with the direction overseen by our Medical Director, a Doctor who oversees the quality of care provided to our patients from start to finish. 

Our ground Ambulance service tiers include Basic Life Support (BLS), which will require an ambulance paramedic crew, Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Critical Care Transport (CCT). The clinical team on board the ground ambulance is selected based on the care needs of the patient.

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Our ambulance crews provide the highest level of ambulance patient care, and can attend to IV infusions, provide oxygen, ventilator support, cardiac monitoring and advanced interventions. ALS and CCT units are equipped to provide Advanced Cardiac Life Support care to give the greatest care to your loved one.


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Superior private ambulance transport services

Call us to discuss your needs. Our detailed-oriented medical service plan covers all the essentials.  This includes appropriate medical care, meals, nutrition requirements, and patient comfort is attended to and planned for during all aspects of the journey. Our crews are equipped to provide specialty level of care required over long distances between provinces or within Alberta.

alberta patient transfer hospital ambulance minAlberta Patient Transfers provides ground-based private ambulance services throughout Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan.  We regularly transport patients back from cites in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and further away in the USA if necessary.

Contact Alberta Patient Transfers today to discuss your needs and whether our Private Ambulance Service is the right fit for you.


Ambulance Hospital Tranfers


24/7 Availability

Medical emergencies can happen without warning. And if they do, you will need a reliable patient transfers transportation and hospital transfer service to get you to from a medical facility, anytime both day or night.

You can’t always predict when you will need medical assistance, but you can take comfort in knowing that we are here to help you, delivering round-the-clock transfer services.

Comprehensive Ambulance Patient Transfer Services

We can help you, we understand that no two medical situations are the same. Patient transport care can greatly vary from person to person. We offer the highest quality patient transfer services with a fleet of medical transportation on hand to meet all your specialized medical transportation needs.

Whether you are going to a hospital, nursing home, or rehabilitation facility, we have the right health professionals and vehicles to handle any medical transportation situation. Some of the most common ground ambulance transfers that we undertake are:

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If you need a patient transfer, please contact Pacific EMS to discuss how our team can help you.

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