Ground Ambulance

from Vancouver to Calgary

We provide a cost-effective alternative to air ambulance medevac flights by providing our clients with access to our fleet of long-distance ground patient transport ambulances.

Long-distance ambulance from Vancouver to Calgary?

A medical emergency can catch anyone off guard. Are you prepared if it happens to you or your loved ones? If you need to travel out of province to get the medical care you need, Pacific EMS offers you dependable ground services between BC and Alberta. So, when you ask yourself, “Can I hire a long-distance ambulance from Vancouver to Calgary?”, reliable ground transportation is just a phone call away.



The highest level of patient care

Patients traveling from BC to Alberta can take comfort knowing they are in the best medical hands possible. Long-distance ambulance services from Pacific EMS provides top quality patient care, using fully-trained licenced healthcare professionals, from paramedics and registered nurses to respiratory therapists.
These highly-trained ambulance crews provide a wide variety of medical services, including oxygen and ventilator support, as well as cardiac monitoring and advanced interventions.

Access to medical equipment

When it comes to traveling from Vancouver to Calgary for medical care, patients want to know they will be safe and secure. Being transported in a long-distance, fully equipped ambulance means you have access to crucial medical equipment, ensuring you are completely prepared for any emergency.

Loved ones can travel with patients

Having to travel long distances for a medical situation alone can be nerve-wracking for anyone. With ground ambulance services, patients have the option of having friends or family members accompanying them, making the journey much more relaxing and stress-free.

Certified drivers

It takes more than an average driver to commandeer a long-distance ambulance. Ground ambulance drivers need to be professionally trained and certified. Why put your safety in the hands of just any driver? For a smooth and safe ride to your destination, you can count on long-distance ambulance services to get you where you need to go, comfortably and securely.

Let professionals handle the driving

In a non-emergency situation, sometimes patients may want to handle transportation tasks themselves. That said, if you are not comfortable driving long distances or are simply unable to drive, a ground service ambulance is a perfect option. With ground ambulance services, you and your loved ones won’t have to worry about taking on the driving duties. You can relax and enjoy a safe, private, and comfortable ride.

“Can I hire a long-distance ambulance from Vancouver to Calgary?”

With Pacific EMS, the answer is always yes. Whether it is for emergency or non-emergency medical transport, ground ambulance service will get you to your destination safely and on time.

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