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What We Do

At Pacific EMS we provide a cost effective Hospital Transportation alternative to air ambulance or medevac flights by providing our clients with access to our fleet of long distance ground patient transport ambulances. Pacific EMS provides long distance ground ambulance transport within and between British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and to and from the USA, such as to and from Washington State, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

A long distance ground ambulance transport can save our clients over 50% of the cost of a traditional air ambulance.  Without the need to go to airports or helicopter landing locations, our Inter- Hospital Transportation Services can often be more convenient.

Some of the most common ground ambulance transfers that we undertake are:

Ambulance from Vancouver to Seattle
Ambulance from Calgary to Vancouver
Ambulance from Kelowna to Calgary
Ambulance from Calgary to Saskatoon

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Our Services

Event Medical Services

Our Event Medical Services (EMS) teams are available to provide ambulance, paramedic and first aid standby to events across British Columbia. Our Event Medical Services (EMS) are used for concerts, festivals, sporting events, construction and industrial projects.


Ambulance Rental

When your project requires, by WCB First Aid regulations, an industrial ambulance, ETV or Emergency Transport Vehicle to be on site, Pacific EMS will provide you with a rental of one of our industrial ambulances on a short term or long term lease.

Our clients Include

Travel insurance companies
Medical assistance organizations
Group benefits plans such as Blue Cross
Hospitals and Health Authorities
WCB, ICBC and auto insurance companies
Private individuals and families

Private Ground Ambulance vs. Air Ambulance Medical Escort – which one is right for you?

The decision on whether to use an Air Ambulance or Air Medical Escort versus a long distance Ground Transportation Ambulance can depend upon a number of factors.  Obviously, the safety and care of the patient are most important.  Other factors, such as the amount of time available, and urgency will also play a role, as well as cost and convenience. A private ambulance can cost half as much as an Air Ambulance, and sometimes be just as convenient or more flexible on timing or less dependent on weather or other factors.
At Pacific EMS, we are happy to provide a quote or any information you may need to help you make your decision if you are looking for medical patient transportation.  We cover Western Canada (British Columbia, Alberta or Saskatchewan) or repatriation from anywhere in the USA, particularly Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, or Montana.

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Metro Vancouver & Fraser Valley. Pacific EMS 5360 Airport Road South – Unit D1 Richmond, BC V7B 1B4 Local Phone 604-800-6990

Medical Transport

To book or inquire about Pacific EMS Emergency Services Ambulances, please call us at 1-604-800-6990 or get in touch here.

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