COVID 19 Testing FAQ’s

The asymptomatic COVID 19 lab tests are certified and by appointment only. 

What method of testing does your lab use?

We specifically use the PCR based NAAT – Nucleic Acid Amplification Test, otherwise known as the RT-PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test. This is the gold standard test required by countries and airlines who require PCR based COVID-19 testing. The PCR test provides the most reliable result. 

Is this the rapid test?

No. At this time, Pacific EMS does not provide rapid testing, due to the lack of available tests. However, you can email info@nullpacific-ems.com to join out waitlist for rapid testing. Once we obtain rapid tests, Pacific EMS will be able to bring rapid testing directly to our clients. At the present time, we use a lab based, RT-PCR method to detect the presence of COVID-19. 

Do I receive a certificate with my results?

Yes, we will provide each customer with a signed, and certified lab report, along with a letter from our Physician Medical Director, which will verify your COVID-19 test was performed according to accredited laboratory standards. You can use this for peace of mind, returning to work, or, to board your airline. 

Do you test for COVID-19 Antibodies?

Yes, we can arrange a COVID-19 antibody test. Please contact us for details on how to arrange a COVID antibody test. You can also arrange a package to be tested for COVID-19 as well as for the presence of antibodies, at the same time. This is useful if you are travelling to China. 

If you are wondering if you have been previously infected with COVID-19 and would like an antibody test to determine this, we will arrange for the COVID-19 antibody test and lab report. Unlike the PCR test (using the nasal swab method), the COVID antibody test requires a blood sample. Our Medical Director will authorize your test. 

When will I get my results?

We will send you your certificate within 48 hours of your test being performed. Our turn around times are generally 24-36 hours. We strive for the fastest results possible for our customers as we know that time is of the essence if you are needing your COVID test to board your flight for travel, to return to work or if you just want peace of mind. 

Do you test people with symptoms?

No. Our customers must not have any symptoms of COVID in order for Pacific EMS to perform COVID-19 PCR testing for travel, work or peace of mind. If you have symptoms, please contact your local health agency and seek their advice.

Can I use the test to get out of quarantine?

Our COVID-19 PCR based testing for travel can assist customers in getting into countries that require a PCR or NAAT/PCR test for travel. However, our COVID test cannot be used to waive quarantine when you land back in Canada. Please abide by federal and provincial laws in place at the time. 

How is my COVID test performed?

Once you have a confirmed appointment, you can come to our testing site or we can come to you. A licensed Paramedic professional will take a nasal sample from both sides of your nose.

We then send your sample to an accredited lab where the PCR / NAAT COVID-19 test is performed by a licensed lab technician. The results are then reported back to us, and we send you your certified COVID lab report. 

Can you come to my house or workplace?

Yes, our Paramedics can travel anywhere in British Columbia to collect your COVID test sample. Whether it is 1 person or 100 people, our MOVID (Mobile COVID Screening Program) can come directly to you. 

Can I come to your clinic for a test?

Yes, we are located at Signature Flight Support, 5360 Airport Road South, Richmond BC. This is where our ground ambulance and medevac base operates, so we kindly ask that you please book an appointment in advance before coming to our hangar. We have a comfortably furnished clinic that is staffed by professional paramedics. We will have you in and out for your COVID test within minutes. 

What is the criteria to be tested?

You must not have any symptoms of COVID 19. You should feel well on the day of your test, and you must not be under any form of government imposed quarantine order. That’s all. As long as you feel well, don’t have symptoms and you are not under an order, we can test you, whether for peace of mind, safe work, or travel.

Can your COVID testing certificates be used for travel?

Yes, we will issue a letter and certificate to anyone who requires this for travel. Our testing for travel is accepted by airlines, customs and immigration authorities. However, please check your destination requirements to make sure that you meet all requirements. We are happy to answer any questions that you might have. 

What is the cost for Private Covid 19 Tests?

Clinic Test Appointments Options 

COVID 19 Test for Travel costs $375 + GST
COVID 19 Test – Not for travel costs $325 + GST 
COVID 19 Antibody Test $195 + GST

We also offer a COVID-19 PCR test + antibody test as a package which is required for travel to China. The China travel package consisting of your PCR test and antibody screen is $525 plus GST. Both tests will be performed at the same time. 

Community Appointments – We come to you. If you would like a Pacific EMS paramedic to come to your home or workplace, the costs for the mobile testing service is:

COVID 19 Test for Travel costs $575 + GST
COVID 19 Test – Not for travel costs $525 + GST 
COVID 19 Antibody Test $295 + GST

If you are located outside of the Lower Mainland or Fraser Valley, additional travel charges will apply. Please email help@nullcovid-medical.ca to inquire. 

How to I make payment?

We accept PayPal. Once your test is confirmed, we will send you a PayPal link to confirm payment that way. 

What information do you need from me?

We need your name and contact information. If you are testing for travel, we will require your name as it appears on your passport, as well as your date of birth. This is essential so that the airline can view your certified testing-for-travel result to properly check you in for your flight. If you are not travelling, we just need your name and contact information. Results are sent to the email address that you provide to us when you book your COVID test. 

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