Special Operations

Pacific EMS offers contracted paramedic services at major public and international events, for film and television production, as well as for high risk activities such as sporting events.

Pacific EMS Special Operations

The Pacific EMS Special Operations Team organizes contractual ambulance coverage throughout British Columbia. Our Special Operations Team is there to provide immediate, on site paramedic support, ensuring that not only are the on-site medical needs of our clients covered, but that the impact large events have on the regional 911 system is limited, allowing BCEHS and BC Ambulance Service 911 ambulances to focus on priority calls.

Pacific EMS has provided contracted emergency medical care at events such as:

– The BC Bike Race
– The Mission Raceway and the Westwood Motorcycle Racing Club;
– The BC Wildfire Service

Our levels of paramedic care include:

– Basic Life Support (BLS Ambulance)
– Advanced Life Support (ALS Ambulance)

The Special Operations Team at Pacific EMS also organizes contracted ambulance coverage for various sporting events as well as film and television.

To arrange a quote, discussion your ambulance standby or contracted ambulance coverage needs, contact us today by email: info@nullpacific-ems.com

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