Pacific EMS is always looking for great crew members to add to our teams in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

Qualification Levels

Our standby medical, paramedic and OFA 3, FireMedic and hospital transfer crews must meet the following qualification levels:

In British Columbia, to work as a team member on one of our Mobile Treatment Centres, 4×4 Industrial Ambulances or private EMS standby ambulances, you must have:

Registration with the EMA Licensing Branch at the Emergency Medical Responder or Primary Care Paramedic license level, in British Columbia 

Valid Class 1, 2, 4 or 5 drivers license with a demonstrated safe driving record. If you do not have a Class 1, 2 or 4, you can drive our Mobile Treatment Centre or Emergency Transport Vehicle for on site first aid, but you cannot operate an ambulance without a Class 1, 2 or 4 license. 

EMA Licensed EMR and PCP candidates must obtain their OFA bridge certification as accepted by WorkSafe BC through their jurisprudence process. Pacific EMS contracts require OFA 3 certified staff who have these qualifications, in addition to your EMR or PCP license. This certification allows you to work as a Paramedic in Industry in British Columbia. 


If you are seeking casual employment as an Occupational First Aid Level 3 First Aid Attendant with Pacific EMS, you must meet these requirements:

· Hold a valid Occupational First Aid Level 3 Certificate issued by WorkSafe BC

· Valid Class 5 or higher drivers license with a demonstrated safe driving record


Pacific Western Emergency Services medics are staged and deploy from any one of our 3 medical support bases, locate in:

Metro Vancouver / Fraser Valley

Additional Training

Pacific EMS will provide online access for additional training such as WPP and PSSP training to work as a medic on BC Hydro sites. This training can be completed online, and is a requirement when working as an OFA 3 or Remote Industrial Medic with Pacific Western Emergency Services.


If you are interested in working as a FireMEDIC with Pacific Western Emergency Services, in addition to meeting OFA 3, or OFA 3 Paramedic in Industry Requirements, you must also have certification in S100 – Basic Fire Suppression and Safety, as well as S185 – Fire Entrapment Avoidance.

The BC Wildfire Service recognizes Basic Fire Suppression and Safety (S-100) training only when delivered in the approved format by a BC Wildfire Service-endorsed instructor. S-100 training is delivered over two full days: one day in the classroom (theory) and one day in the field (practical exercise). S185  –  Upon completion of the S-185 course, the participant will be able to size up and evaluate potential fire entrapment situations and how to act accordingly to remove himself or herself safely from a potentially risky situation, deploy the necessary resources using safe and efficient strategies and tactics to prevent loss of life.

Pacific Western Emergency Services requires our medics to have both S100 and S185 if working in the capacity as a FireMEDIC on the frontline for wildfire medical support. Training can be organized by Pacific EMS but the cost of training is the responsibility of the student. 

Final offers of employment are subject to driver’s license abstract review, and criminal record search.



Working for Pacific EMS

Pacific EMS provides rewarding opportunities for paramedic and first responder professionals to earn extra income in the private EMS and hospital patient transfer environment. Our team members range from new grads seeking experience to seasoned industry professionals who provide mentorship and leadership to our organization. Team members with Pacific EMS are contacted to meet the evolving and dynamic needs of our clients.

Please note, for medic applicants, you must hold a valid registration with the EMA Licensing Branch in British Columbia or the Alberta College of Paramedics in Alberta. Pacific EMS welcomes new grads once they have completed their licensing exams and achieved provincial registration.

How to Apply

Send your resume to info@nullpacific-ems.com today. We will contact each applicant when our operational needs require.

Becoming a Paramedic

If you are interested in becoming a Paramedic, click here to learn about accredited training programs in British Columbia And click here to learn about approved training programs in Alberta.

Thank you for your interest!

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