The setting was a remote ranch in Montana for the film and production crew of Ellen. But the actual location was a remote stretch of desert in British Columbia, outside of the small town of Osoyoos in the BC Interior.

As the production company and crews worked to shoot Ellen, Pacific EMS was on site as the contracted private ambulance and first aid medical standby company for the six episode series.

Throughout the filming in this rural part of British Columbia, Pacific EMS provided:

-On site private ambulance coverage
-Paramedic and first aid standby services

Pacific EMS was selected as the private ambulance company to provide medical standby not only to meet the WorkSafe BC first aid regulations for remote workers, but also to provide high level paramedic standby and emergency response as part of our work with the film and television industry here in British Columbia.

Pacific EMS was contracted to provide:

Mobile Treatment Centre Rentals
Industrial Ambulance Services
Medical Standby and First Aid Services