MTC Rentals

Pacific EMS supplies modern, reliable MTC and Mobile Treatment Centre rentals throughout Western Canada.

MTC and Mobile Treatment Centre Rentals

Serving BC and Alberta, we work with a variety of companies and industry partners who require an MTC, ETV or industrial ambulance for their projects, both short and long term.

Throughout British Columbia and Alberta, we can supply you and your project with certified Mobile Treatment Centre rentals.

Our MTC rentals include:

4×4, 1 tonne truck
Fully Mounted Mobile Treatment Centre
Certified with rollover protection
Fully compliant with all WCB regulations for WCB First Aid Regulations in BC and Alberta
Delivery to and from your site is available



First Aid Supplies

When you rent an MTC or Industrial Ambulance from Pacific EMS, we can provide a fully stocked MTC rental, industrial ambulance rental or ETV rental or provide you an MTC rental on a dry basis (you load your own medical equipment) depending on your site and project requirements.


We rent our Mobile Treatment Centres, Ambulances and MTC’s to companies and organizations that supply their own first aid attendants or medics. To rent an MTC you do not have to have a medic or attendant from Pacific EMS. We supply MTC rentals to any organization who needs to rent an MTC or industrial ambulance on a short term or long term basis.

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MTC rentals are delivered to your job site from any one of our locations throughout Western Canada. You can also send a driver to pick up your Mobile Treatment Centre from our shop locations in BC and Alberta. We deliver our MTC units and ambulances to any client location and can pick up the rental unit after your project completes. Delivery and mobilization rates depend on where your project is located, and the duration of the MTC rental contract.

Why rent an MTC from Pacific EMS?

Pacific EMS has a 17-year history of providing emergency medical care, on-site medical support, Mobile Treatment Centres and Industrial Ambulance Services throughout Western Canada. We have expert industry knowledge, with extensive experience working in oil and gas, forestry, mining, and resource development. We understand the realities and complexities of operating in highly regulated, remote environments where medical support and medical standby is of critical importance.

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