Pacific EMS is proud to have been selected as the contract company to provide first aid standby, medical standby and industrial ambulance services to help and assist the Village of Lytton with the rebuilding of the community.

Since January 2022, Pacific EMS has mobilized our industrial ambulance on site as a mobile treatment centre, to provide first aid medical standby to the remote community of Lytton, BC so that workers can safely undertake the clean up and rebuilding of the community.

Since Lytton does not have any healthcare facilities, a functioning ambulance station or a hospital, WCB First Aid Regulations require that the construction companies have first aid and medical standby resources on site.

Pacific EMS was contracted to provide:

Mobile Treatment Centre Rentals
Industrial Ambulance Services
Medical Standby and First Aid Services 

Pacific EMS is pleased to be the leading provider of remote medical standby support as the Village of Lytton begins the rebuilding process.